how to start pharma franchise or pcd pharma franchise ?

How to start pharma franchise or pcd  ? First of all, let me clear you that Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma franchise are not same. In Pharma Franchise, you need to start your business to place minimum starting order (vary on pharma companies), sale target, high investment(Up to 5 lac approx.) and eligibility criteria for individual. But PCD Pharma is opposite to pharma franchise. It need to start your business with small order, lower sale target.

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Now i come to your question, how to start pharma franchise or pcd ? Here is some step to start pharma franchise.

Select Pharma Company: The most critical step is to choose pharma company which required more research, hard work and attention. Some B2b marketing companies like or Indiamart etc have genuine pharma companies but you should not easily trust them. You will have to do proper research and study about pharma companies and compare with other pharma companies. Then you should decide which is the best.

Pharma Products: Some companies show fake listing of pharma products. You need to cross check all products which they claim are available or not. When you completely satisfied then you should place order.

Payment: You musk ask companies about payment terms & conditions and choose which is convenient to you.

Monopoly Right: It is important to read very carefully about monopoly terms & condition. You should be clear about your area or territory where you want to start business.

Promotion documents of pharma company: Ask for promotional kits like Booklet, pamphlet, bag, diary, notepad, visiting card etc.

Product Packaging: Product packaging should attractive and draw the attention which will help you on sale of products.

Profit margin: You should compare the rate and profit margin with different-2 companies. Select one which give you great profit margin.

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