Top Pharma Franchise Companies in Haridwar

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Looking for top pharma franchise companies in Haridwar? You are at the right place. As this is a very crucial time for all of us because of the rise in covid-19 cases, so the demand for medicines is also increasing day by day. But have you ever thought about why Haridwar is becoming the hub of pharma franchise companies? We are here to answer.

Why Haridwar is the hub of Pharma companies?

  • Most of the companies are ready to open their franchises in Haridwar only. Being near nature, exploring the beauty of the city, and what not! Who doesn’t want that?
  • Haridwar has about 97 pharma companies and the total capital funding is about $8 million.

These are the basic reasons why companies are interested in opening franchises in the beautiful city of Haridwar.

List of top pharma franchise companies in Haridwar :

Because Haridwar has the fastest growth rate in terms of pharmaceutical companies, there are a lot of franchise companies in competition. But we are here to provide you with the best and here is the list of pharma franchises in Haridwar:

1. CAD Pharma Inc. –

CAD was founded in February 2003, with the vision to serve customers. This Pharma company deals with the various kinds of pharmaceutical products, such as raw ingredients, finished products, and catalysts as well. They have very experienced staff and have a great set up in Haridwar.

CAD Pharma provides vast services such as providing documentation, Sourcing – APIs, formulations, and catalysts and they also provide assistance with regulations. They provide other services like market surveys, product selection, marketing assistance, and business development as well.

2. Biocon Ltd. –

Started in 1978, Biocon accelerated their journey with the dream of making India very much independent in terms of manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medicines. If you are looking for the best pharma company in Haridwar, this could be the one.

Biocon bagged their position of being the first company who started exported raw materials and finished products in the U.S. and Europe. They are recognized globally for providing therapies for the ailment of chronic disease.

4. Beckman Coulter –

This company was established in 1935 and it was known as national technical laboratories then. It’s been more than 80 years of establishment, and the company is serving its customers with full dedication. The company’s main work is to manufacture and do the marketing of the product.

Their all-round vision is to serve for the betterment of the healthcare system of our country with their knowledge of medicines and science. The corporate headquarters is situated in California with 12000 employees all over the world.

Address- Doddakannelli Rd, Adarsh Palm Retreat

5. Strides Pharma –

Founded in 1990, this company has the listed share in the national stock exchange and the Bombay stock exchange. It is one of those companies which are listed as the best pharmaceutical franchises in Haridwar. This company also has an R&D infrastructure (in-house).

They have their franchises in about 100 countries other than India. Their head office is in Haridwar itself.

Address- Uttarahalli Hobli

6. Covance Pharmaceutical –

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the company is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) that offers services to biotech and pharma companies. These services include non-clinical, preclinical, and commercialization of the products.

They also provide drug development services inclusive of all phases of development and various pharmaceutical areas. Usage of animals for the testing of the drug during development phases, do prevail in this company. The company has an annual turnover of about 2 billion dollars. Hence, it is known as the biggest pharma company in Haridwar.

Address- Shivaji Nagar

7. Himalaya –

Well known company, Himalaya is a Haridwar based company which was established in 1930. The most familiar brand in the Indian household is Himalaya. Every family in India has used the Himalaya product once in a while.

The company has a team of about 290 researchers. They are known to produce herbal products. Their well-known product, liv. 52 was their first product ever. The vision of the company was to normalize the use of herbs and plants as medicines. The market of this company is very huge as it exports the products to over 106 countries.

8. Mylan Pharma –

With the vision of the better health and healing of society, Mylan Pharma is one of the top pharma franchise companies in Haridwar. Headquartered U.S.A., the company started its journey in 1961. The company is known to be the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company.

This company mostly deals in injections, API (commonly known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), and oral solid dose. They have a huge market all around the world. Also, they have given their share in the therapeutic areas such as Respiratory, Dermatology, Anesthesia, Pain Management, Immunology, Diabetology/endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, and Women’s Healthcare.

9. Medreich Ltd. –

Mederich Limited is a Haridwar based company that was started in 1976. This company acquired by the Japanese company “Meiji” which holds a share of about $290 million. The company mainly deals with pharmaceutical products in the vast form of dosages and also serves in the therapeutic areas.

They have more than 3000 employees all over the world. Medreich LTD. is providing its services in almost 55 countries which include India and Spain. They have 6 manufacturing franchises in India and 1 in Spain.

10. Novalife –

Novalife is WHO certified, award-winning Pharma Company based in Haridwar. With 10 years of industry experience, Novalife has launched over 160 products. It is also one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Haridwar.


Wrapping up about these companies, these companies are always ready to serve their customers and customers’ satisfaction is their topmost priority. These were some of the top pharma franchise companies in Haridwar. We hope it helped.