What is PCD in pharma and how we can choose a good PCD pharma franchise?

In PCD, the company generally offer smaller areas and starting
orders with lower sales targets. The franchisee needn’t have a prior extensive experience or large investment potential either please note this doesn’t imply lack of experience, investment potential, starting order and sales targets. Compared to a Pharma franchise, the PCD franchise is relaxed on these.

The franchisor appoints PCD on district-wise Monopoly basis, providing a territory to operate and expand without competition therefore scope
for higher profits. Generally promotional support is available to all PCD’s in
shape of Visual Aids, Literatures, Sample catch covers, Small gifts and also
support from the Regional Sales Managers in the form of product training and doctor’s visits. There is the practice of rewarding franchisees achieving the prescribed targets. The franchisee is required to purchase at net rates and sell at
stockist rates, unless it is supplying directly to predefined hospitals. The franchisee operates in the appointed territory only. There are provisions to
engage in other business and/or pursue a profession as well as undertake
franchise with other companies as long as the sales targets are met. If unmet,
then the franchise engagement with a competitor is not permissible.

All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed Distributors

All the promotional materials, samples & gifts are distributed through the designated sales & marketing office or through Distributors and are a mixed bag of free and charged content.

For specific terms and conditions, you should visit the websites of PCD companies for their invite to franchisees.